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Festival Yuma

Festival Yuma was founded in 2012 by Dr Valentin M. Bogdan (then an Arizona Western College Music Professor), with the help of Dr. Jill Loveless, the Associate Dean of Fine Arts of Arizona Western College, and Dr. Shawn Pollard and Brent Rogers of the AWC Music Department.  It featured a number of performances involving guest artists, local Yuma musicians, and Arizona Western College Students.  The concerts featured an eclectic mix of all musical styles, spanning from solo classical piano music, Argentinean Tango music, choral, wind ensemble, and opera concerts. 

Publications  (VDM Verlaag)

 The Classical Musician and Musical Entrepreneurship is a book written  to assist classical musicians with the process of creating their own musical niches, build an audience following and experience financial gain. This blueprint involved creating a number of arrangements for the piano four- hand medium that were then self-recorded, self- marketed and self-distributed.  Next, the methods employed to self-record, self-market and self-distribute this compilation are presented. The discussion focuses only on techniques that pertain to musicians who do not have the support of a record label or a music publisher. Methods of self- recording and ways through which a professional- looking album can be self manufactured for minimal costs are also discussed. A discussion of self- marketing methods follows. This includes the use of web pages, Internet radio stations and social networking websites. The methods of self distribution discussed include independent Internet sites , self distribution via a personal webpage featuring both the sale of CDs as well as digital downloads and methods of digital distribution.

Music for All Ages

Music for All Ages is a program founded by Valentin Bogdan, which aims to bring classical music concerts to public schools, churches, and retirement communities.  A 30 minute concert is followed by a Q and A session with the artists. Music for All Ages artists gave  such concerts in Arizona, California, Michigan, Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, Oregon. 

Valentin Mihai Bogdan 

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